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How Does Affiliate marketing
Publishers display your ads on their websites
Customers click the ads and reach your offers
Clicks and Conversions are tracked in our back-end
Customers make a purchase – you get a sale and the publisher gets the affiliate commission

Affiliate marketing is a purely performance based marketing model. Any affiliate promoting your brand is rewarded on performance. Your brand gains exposure and sales without any excessive overhead or upfront investment

At Avaz, we connect your brand with the best performing affiliates in your industry to drive relevant, interested traffic to your offer for more brand recognition, sales and improved ROI.

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Lead Generation

Any on-line venture relies on a steady stream of website traffic and interested leads. We can offer a full-service agency to expand your reach and create more leads for your business.

  • SEO and SEM services
  • Optimized landing pages designed to convert your offers
  • Website design, development and optimization
  • Exposure for your brand on Social Media channels

Lead Nurturing

To maximize the life-cycle of your acquisitions and improve your ROI, lead nurturing is all about getting the right message to your customers at the right time.

At Avaz, we know each individual customer has unique needs and requirements. Our lead nurturing services will maximize your conversion and marketing effectiveness

  • Segment your customer list based on interests, actions and buying history
  • Multiple communication tools for optimal results (email, SMS, social media)
  • Automate your marketing based customer demographics
  • Manage your marketing workflow
  • Advanced reporting and analytics tool

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements contact us today.

All the Avaz tools can be plugged into your favourite eCommerce solutions for shopping
carts,payment processors, tracking and delivery applications.

    With an ever increasing number of website visitors only ever using a mobile device to browse the internet, can you afford to leave mobile out of your marketing arsenal? At Avaz we have a deep pool of mobile optimized websites ready to be part of your mobile marketing campaigns.

    Enable Mobile Today!


    Tracking the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns is crucial to get the most return for your advertising spend. We offer a full deployment and tracking solution for your mobile marketing with mobile-specific creatives, landing pages optimized for mobile devices and an ever increasing amount of mobile traffic.

    Go mobile today!


    Apps drive the mobile market today and tracking your app downloads and installs is crucial to gauging the effectiveness of your campaign and maximizing your ROI. We support the biggest tracking providers in the industry to launch your app campaigns on a CPI or CPO basis.

    Track Your Apps Today!

  • With on-line spending in the MENA region in excess of $300 million annually, the mobile market now commands a 9% market share. The year-on-year growth figures make even more impressive reading. In 2013, mobile transactions were 64% higher than 2012 and the increase in revenues from mobile eCommerce was a staggering 95% higher for the same period.
  • At Avaz we can put your brand in front of millions of mobile device users and provide the tools you need to build, optimise and improve your mobile eCommerce solution. Our mobile platform can track your campaigns for:
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Traffic
  • Mobile Apps
Contact us to discover the opportunities.


Breathe life into your brand with a cutting-edge website offering your customers an awesome on-line experience.


Take your on-line presence beyond the desktop and let your customers find you on their favourite browsing device.


Expose your business to a global audience and drive more customers to your brand and offers with our eCommerce solutions

Marketing Materials

Use our expertise to build your on-line creatives. Our best practices ensure more conversions and increased ROI.


Let Avaz design, create and deploy your custom applications and see the benefits to your brand awareness and traffic.

Design And User Experience

Great designs use a great user experience. Our design teams will captivate your customers across all platforms and media.

Social Media

Social media and social signals play a huge role in your success. We can create and optimise your social media presence.

Digital Marketing

We supply the talent, creativity, boundless energy and enthusiasm, so all your digital marketing is in safe hands with Avaz.