Why Advertisers
Choose AVAZ

Experience the AVAZ Advantage

  • Pay For Performance

    Avaz advertisers are assured of the highest ROI through our performance based model where advertisers only pay their affiliates upon results.

  • Audience Reach

    We have developed one of the most diverse networks of quality publishers to drive increased traffic to your brand and offers.

  • Advanced Technology

    The Avaz platform offers advanced tracking tools, flexible reporting system and much, much more.

  • Expertise And Service

    We tailor make your solution to fit your exact needs, delivering the high levels of service and expertise you deserve.

  • Quality

    We continually monitor all the publisher sites in our network for website traffic quality and to ensure all advertiser brand guidelines are met.

Reach More Buyers More Of The Time

We Have The Options To Maximise Your Results

Affiliate Network

A fully featured affiliate network to drive more performance based sales

Global Reach

Expand your customer base and reach a global audience with the Avaz publisher network

Desktop And Mobile Devices

Let your customers reach you on their favourite devices and increase your sales and ROI

  • Cost Per Lead

    Looking to drive more qualified leads to your offers? Cost Per Lead is generally used by Avaz advertisers to generate more sign-ups and registrations for offers such as loyalty and reward programs, continuity offers and newsletter subscriptions. A typical CPL campaign only requires potential clients to submit contact information and does not usually require any financial information (credit card details for example).

  • Cost Per Download

    With millions of downloadable apps available on-line today, Cost Per Download campaigns are becoming ever more popular with advertisers. Your potential customers are used to downloading apps and software and in-app advertising can be a very lucrative way of getting your marketing message across. At Avaz we have the expertise to create and maintain a profitable Cost Per Download campaign for your brand.

  • Cost Per Sale

    As the name implies, Cost Per Sale is generally used by Avaz advertisers to generate actual sales of their products. These might be in the form of a product purchase or signing up for a trial offer or service. CPS offers usually require customers to submit financial as well as personal details. We have extensive experience and expertise in creating and optimising your CPS campaigns.

  • Cost Per Action

    Cost Per Action is a purely performance based model where advertisers only pay their affiliates after a specified action has been completed. This can be a sale, a form submission, an email confirmation or any other quantifiable action defined by the advertiser. We have accumulated many years of experience in creating and optimising Cost Per Action campaigns for the best exposure and ROI for your offers.

Maximise Your Brand Exposure

We can give your brand the global exposure it deserves though leveraging the most popular and effective channels to drive the traffic your offers need to thrive.

  • Display

    Our industry-specific account managers can develop eye-catching and effective display ad campaigns to drive more leads and sales to your offers.

  • Social

    Social media is more than sharing or liking content. We'll create your social media identity and generate the community your brand needs to succeed.

  • Search

    Your brand needs search visibility. Our experts can audit your website and make sure your offers are generating the right signals for the search engines.

  • Mobile

    Increasingly website visitors are using mobile devices to browse your offers. We can create mobile friendly versions for all your campaigns and offers.

  • PPC

    PPC (Pay Per Click) drives immediate results to your brand and offers but your campaigns need to be constantly monitored and optimised. We've got your back.



Our industry-specific account managers can develop eye-catching and effective display ad campaigns to drive more leads and sales to your offers.

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Advertiser Management Service Levels

"do-it-yourself" to fully outsourced program management.
& Optimization
Full Program
Account set-up & launch support
Avaz Platform & publisher network access Assigned support representative Assigned support representative
Publisher recruitment & optimization
Business goals & program strategy alignment
Execution of all program management tasks
Customized analysis, insights & recommendations
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Creating A Successful Advertiser Offer
Unique business model | Attractive affiliate programme conditions | Dedicated affiliate marketing manager
Attracting The Best Affiliates

Publishers are always on the look-out for new and interesting offers to promote. Attracting the very best affiliates to your offers means creating an optimal combination of product, price, payment methods and a highly converting website.

Start with the very basics and fine-tune the conversion funnel on your website. Make sure the offer is presented in a clear and concise manner and match your website content to the targeted buyers.

Provide a variety of pricing options wherever possible and make it easy for potential buyers to find your check-out pages.

Experienced affiliates will know what to look for in a good advertiser offer. Make sure to present your programme description in a clear and easily understandable format and make sure to highlight any particular restrictions or requirements (prohibited countries or traffic generation methods for example).

Be Competitive

Broadly speaking, the better the pay-out scheme for your offer, the more publishers will want to promote it. This isn't a hard and fast rule as there are other variables over and above the pay-outs, but in general, higher pay-outs will attract more affiliates to your offers.

Incentives such as increased pay-outs for passing a set threshold of conversions is also desirable, as is offering flexible methods and more frequent pay-outs to your affiliates.

The marketing material you make available to your publishers will also play a major part so make sure to keep a good library of creatives in the most popular sizes and formats.

Dedicated Affiliate Marketing Manager

A successful affiliate relationship needs to be nurtured and maintained. Communicating with your affiliates is key so wherever possible make sure to have a dedicated affiliate manager to handle all the communication with your publishers.

This communication starts from the sign-up process so always make sure to notify applicants to your programme of their application process to make sure they are aware of your approval requirements.

Tools, Tools And More Tools

Successful affiliates know the value of accurate information so make sure you offer them a reliable and versatile tracking and reporting solution.

Our advertiser platform is built on the Hasoffers system, a unique blend of functionality and performance, with all the features your program needs to attract the very best affiliates. With the features of the Avaz platform your affiliates will have all the information they need to fine-tune and optimise their marketing for the best possible ROI on their efforts.